“We have defeated COVID-19 in Cameroon,” bishop says



Archbishop Samuel Kleda claims the herbal potion he concocted several months ago has healed people in the central African country and beyond of coronavirus

Archbishop Samuel Kleda of Douala made the announcement on September 10 during a press briefing in which he claimed that the herbal potion he concocted several months ago had saved several thousand people from the disease.

The 61-year-old prelate, who has headed the Atlantic coastal archdiocese since 2009, has been practicing phytotherapy for about thirty years.

His treatment for COVID-19 is based on medicinal plants from the African savannas — mainly Trichilia emetica, found in northern Cameroon, and a variety of aloe vera.

Archbishop Kleda told journalists that the number of patients who have benefited from his care was in the thousands.

“From March to August, 9,071 patients have benefited from the treatment both in Cameroon and abroad, including the United States, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Zambia and Gabon,” he said.

Presidential support

People in Cameroon have acclaimed the archbishop for his phytotherapy ministrations against coronavirus.

Parliamentarians welcomed him on June 25 for a special plenary session on traditional medicine and its contribution in the fight against the coronavirus.

Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute had already received him a month earlier, taking the occasion to offer the archbishop the support of Cameroon’s President Paul Biya.

That May 25 meeting, which took place behind closed doors at the Prime Minister’s office in Yaoundé, focused on, among other topics, how to support Archbishop Kleda’s action against COVID-19.

“The mixture is not toxic”

During his press briefing, the archbishop was at pains to reassure people about the qualities of his remedy.

“The treatment effectively heals the coronavirus with respect for standards and the manufacturing process,” he said.

“The mixture is not toxic and does not produce any side effects. No patient has ever experienced any discomfort after taking the treatment,” he insisted.

The archbishop further explained that no deaths were recorded among the patients who took his remedy.

“Even the patients on respiratory assistance were saved,” he noted.

The phytotherapist now intends to orient the remedy towards the treatment of other pathologies, without neglecting the coronavirus.

Cameroon had 20,228 cases of coronavirus, as of September 14. Of these, 18,837 were classified as being cured.

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