Cameroon: Ministry of SMEs pledges XAF50 mln to support women entrepreneurs in 2021



In 2021, the Ministry of SMEs will support the Association of Cameroon Business Women (GFAC) with XAF50 million. This was revealed by Achille Bassilekin III, the Minister of SMEs, during the inauguration of the association’s headquarters in Yaoundé on September 15.  

The official explained that this support was aimed at helping the association (chaired by senator Agnès Ntube Ndode Epse Ndjock) promote women entrepreneurship in the country. Indeed, most of the women entrepreneurs operate informally and the country wants them to get into the formal sector.

According to the National Institute for statistics, about eight (8) Cameroonian women entrepreneurs out of ten (10) operate in the informal sector earning two times less than men. The institute’s data also show that women create fewer jobs since only 5% of them employ a salaried staff of over 10 people while 40% operate without even a salaried staff.

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