Cameroon slashes cost for treatment of Hepatitis C


Journal du Cameroon

Patients have welcomed the reduction on the cost of treating Hepatitis C which was recently put in place by the Minister of Public Health.

Through the treatment protocol based on Sofosbuvir and Velpastarir 400/100 mg, patients in Cameroon will now be treated at a lower cost but there is no change in the treatment protocol of other hepatitis. Thus, Hepatitis C patients will have to spend FCFA 25,000 instead of FCFA 100,000 that was previously charged.

“The cost of the treatment protocol for viral hepatitis C based on Sofosbuvir + Velpastarir 400/100 mg belonging to lot no. 3091996 is reduced to 75%. Also, the fixed cost of this protocol will drop from 100,000 Fcfa to 25,000 Fcfa. The prices of other treatment protocols for viral hepatitis C remain unchanged,” the Minister of Public Health Dr Malachie Manaouda announced recently in a communiqué.

The move has been welcomed by patients who say it will not only reduce the financial burden on them but fast track their treatment.

A patient at the Marie-Mère Health centre in the Douala IV Municipality said it is a positive step but hoped drugs are readily made available to accompany the measure.

Another patient at the Biyem Assi District Hospital shared the same worry, but added that the population needs to be frequently sensitised on the viral disease and equally encouraged to go for screenings.

Taking the measure to reduce the cost of treatment, the Minister of Public Health said it falls in line within the vision of improving access to treatment against viral hepatitis, with particular attention on Hepatitis C.

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