COVID-19: Cameroon heading towards second wave of infections



Public Health officials have said Cameroon is slowly moving towards a second wave of infections as new COVID-19 cases soar.

Figures from the Public Health Ministry show that 438 new infections have been recorded in the last 13 days. Active cases thus move from 438 on November 8, to 916 on November 19, 2020.

The country currently has  23,528 confirmed cases, 22,177 recoveries with a 95% recovery rate, and 435 deaths on record.

Officials say out of the ten regions, the Littoral and West regions are the current hotspots of the virus in Cameroon .

Public health officials warn that the country may hit worrisome proportions in the weeks to come, if the trends continues.

A second wave of infections is likely to force the country to go into another lockdown, like some countries have recently done.

Which countries are witnessing  a second wave of infections?

A second wave of infections swept across some European countries in September, shortly  after the World Health Organization’s warning that the disease “may be with us for a long time“. 

France, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Malta, Spain , Belgium, Hungary, and Austria all reported a second wave of infections .

Most of these countries quickly began to seek ways of preventing new infections. France and the U.K. particularly went into lockdowns, and additional measures were taken to keep the virus at bay.

The US is currently has the highest rates of infections and deaths. But the country does not even seem to have successfully moved out of the first wave of the pandemic.

Figures from the John Hopkins University puts the total number of infections in the US at 11.5 million, alongside 250,029 deaths.

Why are new infections soaring ?

According to public health experts, COVID-19 will remain with us for as long as people keep flouting preventing measures.

In Cameroon, many seem to have desisted from respecting social distancing, washing hands or worst still, wearing masks. Some Cameroonians have advanced numerous reasons why they do not respect preventive measures. 

Some individuals have nonetheless decided to be responsible for their lives, by staying glued to preventive measures. Institutions are also taking measures to prevent people from catching the virus .

Prof. Nalova Lyonga, Minister of Secondary Education, in a recent press release, instructs school administrators not to allow students who do not wear masks in schools. The Minister says administrators should implement strict measures aimed at preventing students from contracting the deadly virus.

As the pandemic lingers on, public health experts say #COVID19 may be a repeat of  the Spanish Flu Fever; a similar pandemic which killed over 50 million people across the globe in 1918.

If COVID-19 will became history, then respecting preventive measures should first of all become the watchword for everyone.

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