Cameroon: Fight Against the Coronavirus – Arch Bishop Kleda Receives Special Prize


Cameroon Tribune

It was given by the Cameroon Consumers National Network in a ceremony in Douala on Wednesday, November 25, 2020.

The Arch Bishop of Douala, Samuel Kleda has been awarded special trophy in recognition of his contribution in the fight against the corona virus pandemic.

The “Prix Special de l’Excellence Sanitaire Mondiale” was given by the President of the Cameroon Consumers National Network, Francis Herve Saba Eyalla in a brief ceremony in front of the conference hall of the arch diocese.

After receiving the trophy which consisted of a shield and a medal, Bishop Samuel Kleda said he was happy not for receiving a prize but for the thousands of people who recovered their health after receiving his medicine base on natural plants.

He said when he embarked on studying plants; his ambition was to prove that Africans can treat themselves with natural plants. He said the challenge is not limited only to Covid-19 but to other illnesses such as malaria.

“Many people die because they don’t have the means to treat themselves. So if African researchers could carry out studies on plants and propose solutions to pathologies, they will save several lives”, he said.

The president of the Cameroon Consumers National Network said Samuel Kleda was chosen for the award in recognition of his contribution to the fight against coronavirus, coming up with a curative and preventive therapy for the disease. He said Arch bishop Kleda is the fourth to receive the award which had previously been handed to members of Government.

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