COVID-19: Accubits Tech Lends Hand To Cameroon


New Indian Express

In a major boost to Kerala’s startup ecosystem, Technopark- based ‘Accubits Technologies’ will now aid the Central African country of Cameroon in its battle against the Covid-19 pandemic.

The startup has signed a contract with the Cameroon government, allowing the latter to use its pandemic management system software named ‘RebuildTheChain’, which will enable government agencies to effectively curb the spread of any man-made or natural outbreak, epidemic or pandemic.

The ‘RebuildTheChain’ software will facilitate an information highway that provides quicker access to localised as well as country-wide information with regard to the pandemic.

The data available will include details such as the direction of the spread, potential hot zones and resource management. The software also makes available a seamless channel for different departments to work together to combat the Covid-19 spread.

According to a special declaration made by Cameroon Prime Minister Joseph Ngute, the government has taken several precautions to prevent the virus spread, including the suspension of the entry visas and the closure of land, air and sea borders, in addition to shutting down public and p r ivat e t r a i n i n g establishments.

Now, the government will use the startup’s pandemic management system to implement large-scale and automated contact tracing of citizens, pandemic exposure analysis, spread probability analysis, infection case management, resource management, digital health card facilities, etc., in addition to enabling citizens to do a basic level self-diagnosis. The software will be implemented countrywide if the pilot run scheduled for early 2021 becomes successful.

“We are extremely pleased to be helping the Cameroon government. In situations such as this, time is of the essence. Rebuild- TheChain enables health authorities, government agencies, and other stakeholders to effectively work together. It provides them real-time and reliable data, which can help them build strategies,” said Jithin V G, CEO of Accubits Technologies.

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