Cameroon Healthcare Workers Report No Side Effects After Taking COVID-19 Vaccine



Some health care givers who were administered the first dose of the Sinopharm vaccine three weeks ago in  Yaounde, Cameroon’s Capital say they have experienced no side effects.

Most of them work at the Orca treatment centre, one of the centers where COVID-19 patients are cared for, and recently became a vaccination center.

The experts have dispelled ongoing rumors   that some persons who took the vaccine died . Others say the vaccine contains chips, diseases and alters genes.

Only a few days back, the social media was awash with news that a certain lady working for Transparency International was administered the vaccine, and she died hours later.

Crtv Web can not independently verify this, but the experts say the claims are at least 90% untrue.

Most of the health care givers say they have not experienced any side effects, weeks  after taking the vaccine, and can vouch that the vaccine is safe.

The experts are concerned about why the public is raising numerous questions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine whereas most of them have been administered other vaccines over the years. They insist that taking the vaccine is tantamount to protecting vulnerable people everywhere.

Vaccine protects those in contact with patients’

“I was vaccinated on April 12, that’s exactly 3 weeks ago, and up till now, I have not had a headache, or any other side effect. I’m doing well. The vaccine protects those of us who are in contact with patients. Taking the vaccine means protecting yourself and protecting others . I encourage all health personnel and Cameroonians to take the vaccine.
Abega Akele Annie Rosalie, nurse at Orca

Abega Akele Annie Rosalie, nurse at Orca

No sicknesses, germs or chips coded in vaccines

“I took my vaccine on April 14, and I have not had any side effects like respiratory problems, blackouts, or headaches contrary to rumors on the internet. We have heard people say that the vaccine has been coded with diseases, germs or chips that are injected into people. No, they are just vaccines . Nothing suspicious will be introduced into your bodies, except the vaccine. You may however have some side effects, but they can be managed. I know that nothing has been mystified about the vaccine”
Herve OTABELA Lab Technician, Orca

Herve OTABELA Lab Technician, Orca

‘Take the vaccine and leave the social media out of this’

“I felt nothing strange after taking the vaccine on April 13. I had been waiting to take the vaccine to see how it will react in my body. But I have not had and side effect, not even tiredness. I will advise everyone to take the vaccine and leave the social media out of this because we are wrongly informed on those platforms . Go and take both doses of the vaccine, and you will be fine. I’m expecting my second dose on May 4. Let us not be deceived, the disease is among us”

Tafock Marcellin, Janitor

Tafock Marcellin, Janitor at Orca

The testimonies from the health experts point to the fact that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe.  They encourage everyone, to take the vaccine in order to contribute to government’s efforts to beating  the virus in Cameroon.

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