1. The organization is composed of its Members. A member could be a natural or legal person.
  2. A register containing the current list of Members shall be retained at the organization’s registered office or in a dedicated online platform. The register shall include the following indications for each Member: Full name and address, dedicated email address, phone number and the date of admission.
  3. Each member shall sign the register to indicate their agreement with the Articles of the organization and the Rules of Procedure.
  4. The organization has the right to charge annual fees to its Members in accordance with the provisions laid in the Rules of Procedures.
  5. A Member shall, as soon as possible, communicate in writing any change to this information to the Executive Director who shall keep the register updated.

Admission of new members

  1. The organization has been established by the founding Members. The General Assembly shall decide on admission of new Members.
  2. Any application for membership shall be addressed to the Board in writing. The Board shall submit the application to the General Assembly for decision. The applicant shall substantiate the approval and shall indicate where it is operating. Details of this process are set out in the Rules of Procedure
  3. Any decision rejecting an application for membership shall be reasoned.


To become a member, complete the membership form. You will be sent a letter confirming your membership. Applications can take three to five weeks to process.