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04 Dec 2021

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Cameroon-Chad Power Interconnection Project 

Cameroon-Chad Power Interconnection Project


The Project development objectives are to interconnect the Southern and Northern power systems of Cameroon; enable electricity trade between Cameroon and Chad; and increase access to electricity in the Chad capital city of N’Djamena.

Cameroon- IDA Credit: US $295 million equivalent

Maturity: 30 years    Grace: 5 years

Chad- IDA Grant: US $90 million equivalent

Cameroon RIS-RIN (Southern Interconnected Network- Northern Interconnected Network) Interconnection component will finance all costs associated with the construction of the RIS-RIN Interconnection.

Cameroon-Chad Interconnection component will involve construction of 805 km of high-voltage (HV) transmission lines and associated substations to connect the power systems

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