Cameroon Kiro’o Games launches its first mobile game


Cameroonian video game development company Kiro’o Games announces that its first mobile game is available on Google Play’s “early access” (that allows users to try the game before its official release).

According to Olivier Madiba (promoter of the startup), the game entitled “Le Responsible Mboa” allows the player to take on the role of the high-ranking official of a fictitious republic named “Mboa”.

“This is the first time in world history that the life of the African elite is depicted in a video game by an African studio. Beyond the satire (albeit respectful), we are offering the youth the opportunity to experience the temptations and consequences of social problems like corruption, modern couple management, etc.” In an official release, Kiro’o Games indicates that barely a week after being put on Playstore, “Le responsable Mboa” has been downloaded 3, 300 times with some very positive comments praising the quality of the game.  

With “Le responsable Mboa,” Kiro’o Games (which developed  “Aurion l’Héritage des Kori-Odan,” the first made-in-Cameroon video game, in 2016.) enters the African mobile game market. This new development was facilitated by a XAF190 million envelope the startup raised via crowdsourcing in 2019. Indeed, the startup explains that during the crowdfunding campaign, it raised XAF190 million from 258 people out of a XAF473 million investment pledge from 693 people. “After the fundraising, Kiro’o Games launched Aurion comic books on Amazon but [up to now], there has been no mobile game initiative,” the Cameroonian start-up explains.

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