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03 Dec 2021

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Cameroon-Nigeria military cooperation steady: official 

Cameroon-Nigeria military cooperation steady: official


A senior Nigerian military official said Wednesday that cooperation between the armed forces of Cameroon and Nigeria is developing steadily in a healthy and reliable manner.

General Olufemi Odeyinde of the Nigerian Air Force War College made the remarks during an exchange visit of some officials of the Nigerian army to Cameroon’s International War College.

Cameroonian and Nigerian militaries have conducted exchanges, competitions and training, and closely cooperated in the fight against terrorism, separatism and extremism, the officials stressed during the visit.

“We cooperate at all levels. We are neighbours. We are brothers. We cooperate even at the Multinational Joint Task force, the other frameworks (that) bind us together,” Odeyinde told reporters in Cameroon’s capital Yaounde.

“Our visit is based on a theme which is part of our curriculum at the Air Force War College to study the Cameroonian security architecture and look at approaches and methods that they are using for regular warfare that we can adopt,” he added.

The cooperation has protected key interests of the two countries and contributed “significantly” to the security, stability and prosperity of West and Central Africa, according to the officials.

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