Cameroon: Public Administration – Officials Sharpen Skills


In an effort to reinforce the professional capacity of staff engaged in public administration for quality output, the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM), on the prescriptions of the Prime Minister organised a three-day seminar for the staff of the cabinet of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Holding under the themes, “Conduct of Meetings” and “Analysis and Review of Files,” the capacity building workshop which started on September 14 and ends on September 16, 2020 was presided at by the Technical Adviser to the Prime Minister, Prof. Etoa Etoa Jean Bosco.

In his preliminary statement, administration, whether public or private, is very important and should be treated with tact as it constitutes the basis for a decision making process of the country. Going by him, for certain objectives to be attained in public policy, a whole lot of principles need to be respected in public administration.

The study and analysis of files for subsequent decisions, he said, is not an easy task as many components need to be considered and respected for concrete output.

On his part, the Deputy Director General of ENAM, Harouna, said the objective of the training is to strengthen the capacities of collaborators of the Prime Minister, which will make them more efficient and professional in handling public administrative files.

He said the three-day training will enable participants benefit from the administrative techniques of ENAM and the training will intend help improve their competences in public administration.

Citing the French philosopher, Philippe Bloch who said investing in training means combining the present and future and the concern for the people as well as concern for results, the Deputy Director General of ENAM said the professional aptitude of participants is for the good of Cameroon.

The Assistant Director of Protocol at the Prime Minister’s Office, Alexis Nzeujang, said the capacity building seminar is a very wonderful initiative and he hopes to leave the workshop with improved knowledge on public administration to better serve the Fatherland.

Another staff at the Prime Minister’s cabinet, Mary Acha Awa Ndeh said her expectations are high and she anticipates empowering her skills in review and analysis of files, to enable her and her collaborators accompany the Prime Minister in achieving his objectives for Cameroon.

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