Cameroon: Port of Kribi to boost digitalization of procedures


The Port of Kribi (PAK), located in southern Cameroon, is preparing to use “SIP”, an automated port management software.

According to Jean Marcel Belinga Belinga (Director of Information Systems and Documentation at the PAK), the SIP will help dematerialize port procedures thus improving performance in every segment of port operations.

Thanks to the software, access requests will be streamlined, thereby providing enough information about the requesters and their reasons for accessing the port. Also, the services to vessels making stopovers at the port will be improved thanks to the online announcements and port conferences.

Besides, with the SIP’s feature that allows automatic data sharing with customs’ online platform Camcis, customs authorities will instantly have various information on the types of goods that transit via the port of Kribi. Therefore, the security of delivery and removal operations will be ensured at the port.  

Finally, the SIP will help the port secure more revenues for itself and customs revenues for the country. “(…) The SIP, given its strategic positioning at the heart of the development of port operations, should have a positive and significant impact on the attractiveness of the port [of Kribi],” the PAK explains.  

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