Cameroon to import 120K tons of domestic gas in 2021

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Okie Johnson Ndoh (President of the ad hoc Commission in charge of petroleum product imports-CIPP) recently published a release informing oil companies with authorization to import the products that on November 23, 2020, a call for tenders was issued for the importation of 120,000 metric tons (MT) of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), commonly known as domestic gas.

This quantity of LPG is up by 5,000 metric tons (MT) compared to the quantity imported in 2019 (that year, Cameroon also issued a call for tenders to import 115,000 MT of LPG). According to Okie Johnson Ndoh, the 120,000 MT to be imported will cover the country’s needs in the 2021 fiscal year.

The said volume will be imported in three batches: 60,000 MT, 35,000 MT, and 25,000 MT. As for the bids, they will be opened on Tuesday, December 1, 2020, at the Hydrocarbon Price Stabilization Fund’s (CSPH) headquarters in Yaoundé.

These imports will fill the gap in the domestic gas market because the National Hydrocarbons Corporation (SNH) also produces LPG for the local market.

In 2019, the corporation produced 20,545.05 tons (equivalent to 1,643,604 cylinders of 12.5 kg, up by 943,604 cylinders since in 2018, the country supplied 700,000 cylinders of 12.5 kg in the market) of Liquefied Petroleum Gas for the domestic market.

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