Cameroon: Turkish Company Proposes Low-Cost Electricity

Officials of the Turkish Power Company KARPOWERSHIP presented their offer to Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute in Yaounde on January 25, 2021.

Officials of the Turkish Power Company, KARPOWERSHIP led by its Chief Commercial Officer, Zeynep Harezi has proposed to produce electricity from a ship in Douala with the possibility of producing 300 megawatts of energy in 30 days to cost less than FCFA 40 per kilowatt.

They expressed the readiness to start production as soon as negotiations are complete and the greenlight given.

They made the offer at the Star Building in Yaounde on January 25, 2021 during discussions with Prime Minister, Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute.

They came to finalise discussions started a year ago with the Minister of Energy and the Port of Douala for the installation of a Powership in the Ports of Douala to produce energy for companies located within the Port area with the possibility of injecting excess power production into the national grid.

Talking to the press after their discussions, the delegation leader, Zeynep Harezi said, “Our aim is to deliver low-cost electricity in a very fast track manner, to create jobs in Cameroon and to make sure that we can use Cameroon gas to give power to Cameroonian people.” Concerning their offer to the Prime Minister, she said, “Today, what we have offered to the Prime Minister is 300 megawatts to be developed in less than one month.

It will be packaged in Douala and to provide electricity immediately for less than FCFA 40 for a kilowatt as long as they will like us to.” As to the advantages, she said, it will enable Cameroon to improve its industrial growth, create employment and attract direct foreign investment, stating that it will boost Turkey-Cameroon partnership.

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