COVID-19 : Traditional medicine plays key role in treatment


Traditional medicine has played a key role, as a potential remedy for COVID-19  in several countries across the globe, since  outbreak of  the disease in December 2019. 

Many countries including Cameroon, China and Madagascar  have attributed high rates of recovery to some traditional concoctions administered to patients.

In July 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Africa Centre for Disease Control (CDC) created a committee to assist these African countries using traditional remedies to treat COVID19.

Back in May 2020, WHO had convened a virtual meeting with 70 experts in African traditional medicine in search of a treatment for the  disease.

Cameroon’s traditional remedies for COVID-19

Traditional practitioners in Cameroon began to seek a treatment for the disease as soon as the first cases were reported in the country.

As of June 2020, countless traditional healers had come up with natural  remedies  which were reported to treat the virus.

Among them was the traditional  remedy from the Metropolitan Archbishop of Douala, His grace Samuel Kleda which has reportedly brought relief to thousands of patient infected with the virus.

But the Archbishop says his remedy only brings  relief to patients, and has  not been scientifically proven to treat  the disease . He expects that the government will carry out clinical tests to  prove that his traditional medicine cures #COVID19.

How effective is traditionally  medicine

Although traditional remedies for COVID-19 have become popular, Cameroon’s Scientific Council recently said no traditional medicine has proven effective, in treating the virus .

In a recent press release, the organ said, “the Scientific Council acknowledges the importance of traditional medicine for the treatment of diseases, but recognizes to date that no treatment has proven efficacious, nor approved for the treatment of COVID-19”.

In order to guarantee safety, the council says testing the toxicity level and efficacy of traditional medicine  is important .

The council says Traditional practitioners who intend to give out remedies free of charge or sell, “must obtain a marketing authorization issued by the National Commission in charge of Improved traditional Medicine from the Public Health Ministry”.

Traditional healers must also provide assessments of traditional medicine done by regulatory institutions including the National Drug Control and Valuation Laboratory ( LANACOME) and Universities.

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