From Cameroon to Harvard: One man’s journey of hope


A Cameroonian health researcher whose tweet on rise from his village to Harvard University went viral has spoken about his success story.

Dr Desmond Jumbam tweeted a photo of a simple shack of a house next to a Harvard University badge.

The photo received more than two million likes.

Dr Jumbam said he had always wanted to get good education and return to Cameroon to serve his people.

“I work with an NGO called Operation Smile that provides free cleft lip surgery and care to children in over 30 countries,” he said.

His father was killed in the Anglophone separatists crisis and together with his mother they are running a support group for women who have been widowed by the crisis.

His success story from Cameroon to Harvard has inspired many.

“I think people were inspired by it, I think its a story of hope and inspiration especially during this current global pandemic and global political situation,” he said.

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