Optical Fiber To Connect Cameroon, Eq. Guinea, Gabon

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On November 18, 2020, Gabon’s National Agency for Digital Infrastructure and Frequencies (ANINF) announced the completion of extension works to connect Boué (North Gabon) with physical interconnections in Cameroon and equatorial Guinea, through Bitam & Oyan-Bifoun-Lambarene along a 528-km optical fiber line.

The extension project falls within the framework of the Central Africa Backbone (CAB4) project, which is one of the 11 integrating projects for which funds were raised during the Paris investors roundtable of November 16-17, 2020.

ANINF explains that the next step would be the operational commissioning of the 528-km line allowing residents of the regions covered to have access to broadband internet.

The CAB4 will interconnect CEMAC countries’ with broadband internet, as suggested by the Heads of State in 2016. The project was elaborated to boost the capacity and quality as well as reduce the cost of telecommunication services in the region. The main backers are the World Bank and the Africa Development Bank (AfDB).

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