At the African Center for Advocacy, we promote equal access to basic service to all. Using comprehensive  advocacy strategies and diverse approaches, we empower citizens, strengthen civil society, and influence policies.


Citizen Empowerment 

We empower citizens to get informed decisions about personal and collective issues that they choose to peruse in public decision-making places. We believe that empowered citizens are best placed to define what issues get on public agenda and are likely to be the most committed advocates for themselves  and their communities.

Civil Society Strengthening

We address diverse capacity building needs especially those related to advocacy. Empowered citizens can initiate interventions to promote shared interest through well-organized collective action. A civil society that conducts itself as a legitimate partner in governance issues is more likely to broaden citizen participation in policy-making.

Policy Influence

With our strengthened civil society partners, we apply diverse techniques and tactics to influence political decisions on issues that are of concern to our society as identified and prioritized by empowered citizens. We know that civil society is the advocate for and defender for society.