Threats, Violence Against Education in Cameroon

This bulletin is part of a series monitoring insecurity in the Sahel region published by Insecurity Insight.

02 July 2020: In Soa-Yaounde, Soa commune, Méfou-et-Afamba department, Centre region, a female Master’s student at the University of Yaounde II was stabbed by unknown perpetrators a few meters from the gate of her hostel which is behind the university.

05 July 2020: In Bambili, Mezam department, Northwest region, a female student at the University of Bamenda was kidnapped near her hostel. The kidnappers reportedly requested 3 million FCFA as a ransom.

Around 21 July 2020: In Bamenda city, Northwest region, a male secondary school teacher was reportedly kidnapped by separatist fighters for allegedly accepting to work on a strike day taking place in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon.

27 July 2020: In Ndongo town, near Buea city, Southwest province, an unspecified number of students were detained during a raid by security forces on their student residences. The students accused the security forces of extortion, claiming that they were detaining students who refused to pay them.

11 August 2020: At a crossroad some 300 meters away from the Government Bilingual High School Bamenda, Bamenda city, Mezam department, Northwest region, armed separatists shot and injured a student in an attempted kidnapping prior to his partaking in a GCE ordinary examination.

13 August 2020: In Yaounde, four teachers were arrested after going on hunger strike at the Ministry of Basic Education following failed attempts to bargain with authorities. They were later released.

07 September 2020: In Dschang city, Menoua department, West region, bandits killed a male student at the University of Dschang, after stealing his bike

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