Traders Stranded In Ekok Call For Help


For three days, traders with goods en route to the Federal Republic of Nigeria through Ekok in the South West region of Cameroon have been stranded at the borders.

A trader identifying himself as Richard, speaking to Mimi Mefo Info on phone Wednesday, December 22nd, 2020, says “We have been blocked here since Monday, December 21st. Those who have perishable goods have incurred losses. This is a feasting period so the delay is a problem for us.”

Some traders point accusing fingers at custom officers and policemen for practicing corruption as traders try to cross with goods.

“I collect huge sums of money from traders between 11pm to about 3:00am to smuggle their goods to Nigeria and equally let those from Nigeria to enter without checking the goods to protect the country,” an anonymous source has stated. He adds that customs service has increased custom charges to an unbearable level.

A police source in Ekok has stated that the government has not officially opened borders in Ekok, Eyumojock Subdivision, Manyu Division in the South West region of Cameroon since it shut the borders months ago to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Less than 48 hours to the celebration of Christmas, traders say shutting the borders is a hindrance to their business.

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