Volunteers are a treasured resource for the organization and with their contributions we are going to realize the goals of African Center for Advocacy. Should you wish to volunteer your time to African Centre for Advocacy you may be asked to assist our work through such things as:

  • Communication
  • Social media management
  • Fundraising
  • translating
  • Graphic Design
  • Loaning your own specialist expertise to an area of our work

Volunteers are generally recruited on a part time basis for up to 6 months; each vacancy notice will include further details on the requirements of that placement and of course travel and food expenses will be funded.

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Jobs positions & Internships available

When we join forces in our diversity,we can solve challenges facing our citizens. This is what drives African Center for Advocacy.

African Centre for Advocacy offers you an opportunity to join a global community of organizations and individuals committed to empowering people and communities to freely express, organise, and take action to build a more just, equal and sustainable world.

We strengthen collective action across Cameroon and the rest of Africa. We work together to tackle urgent global and local issues (such as health, sustainable cities,water and sanitation) and support those striving to address them.

Job positions

There are no current jobs available. Please check the website every time you can to see the openings. If you wish to submit your resume for any future job opportunities that may become available, please forward it to info@we-advocate.org and put as subject the internship position you are applying for.

Internships positions

The internships are quite related to volunteering positions. To apply, please click here!